02 Mai

ODOO Einstieg

Official Website:   www.odoo.com

Download latest version Commuinity version:  http://nightly.odoo.com/10.0/nightly/ (.exe = Windows version)

Working with Odoo 10 - Second Edition

Installation on PC (localhost) :       http://localhost:8069 (standard port)

Databasemanager :          [ServerAddress]:[port]/web/database/manager

Config-file (Setting of port, admin password…) :      /etc/odoo/odoo.conf


Admin_password=[your password]


Progamming language: PYTHON www.python.org

Database: PostgreSQL www.PostgreSQL.org

Views are built from .XML

30 Apr

WordPress Security

  1. check Vulnerability:  check website  https://hackertarget.com/  -> Online Scanners -> CMS -> WordPress
  2. Eindringwahrscheinlichkeit :
  3. Deinstall vulnerable default Plugins – > Delete Standard like Hello Dolly + Akismet
  4. Installing the Maintenance Plugin
  5. Change the default WordPress Admin User (create other User wih admin rights and the delete admin)
  6. http://www.managewp.com to manage various sites with one click
  7. Updates, Updates, Updates!
  8. Install Wordfence plugin
  9. Scan your WordPress site for malware and viruses with Wordfence
  10.  IP Blocking Feature from Wordfence  (only premium)
  11. install iThemes Security (complimentary to Wordfence)
  12. Renaming your Database Prefix with iThemes Security
  13. Use Backup Plugin