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In addition to the criteria of PHP, MySQL databases and storage space, the following factors have played an important role in the assessment:

  • Nicer URLs with mod_rewrite

On the server the Apache should have mod_rewrite enabled modules. "Nicer URLs" can be generated with this. Instead of cryptic URLs such as www.meine-domain.de?p=123 URLs can be created with easy to read file names: www.meine-domain.de/wordpress-hosting.

  • Easy installation using one click Installer

Many providers offer today a one click Installer, i.e. WordPress can be installed completely with just a few mouse clicks in the admin area. This function is most useful for WordPress beginners. Advanced users do not need this function actually, WordPress installation is very easy and usually no longer than 5 minutes lasts (simple installation guide).

  • Server availability

Just at commercial Web sites or ambitious Web projects, low downtime are important because downtime means often a loss of revenue. With the server-monitoring service Pingdom, I have monitored Web sites that are hosted at the four providers, for a month and every minute queried to determine so the downtime.

  • Maximum memory (PHP memory limit)

The PHP memory limit is the maximum allowed disk usage in PHP script. This limit is set by the service provider and should be at least 64 MB (better 128 MB) for WordPress. It is but the more RAM the faster/better running the scripts.


German provider

27 Jun

PowerPoint design

  • Templates online, z. B. GraphicRiver.net
  • Color scheme color.adobe.com registration necessary, complementary colors
  • SlideMaster use
  • Use the align ruler, grid lines



  • Bullet points

    • ALT + SHIFT + arrow results feed
    • Convert Bullet Point with the right mouse button in SmartArt


  • Google / images
  • search for "Plane Vector" shows vector images
  • PNG is perfect, because vector image with transparency
  • other vector images have white background
  • Select default graphics with uniform background color
  • Background can be removed using format/picture tools (not exactly)
27 Jun


Consulting . Digital Product development process

The development + design process of technical products from idea to finished product is in these days accompanied by a number of software applications and support. The usability  of these tools is evaluated by us (Software Consulting).


The digital product development process is the mapping from real development levels to compatible software applications and the resulting digital data.

With the increasing competition the companies are forced to optimize their existing development process. The first objective is to reduce development costs and to simultaneously increase product quality.Consulting - Digitale Prozesskette

Secondly by appropriate methods, the processes can be, especially in the field of CAx-Systems and PLM / PDM greatly optimized.

Finally the already existing consistency within those systems can be increased significantly.


What can we achieve for you in the area of CAx and PLM / PDM for you?

We contribute Know-how and innovation to your project!


  • We develop methods,
  • conceptualize workshops and training,
  • simplify and standardize processes,
  • show your team the efficient use of CAx – systems such as Catia V5.

You can find our previous expertise in this area here:

Consulting CAx + PLM

  • Evaluation and Adaption of VOBES+ (VW Process for Harness Design) for Truck OEM
  • Implementation + Training of Smarteam
  • Development of Methods for Chassis
  • Methods Development Catia V5 EHI + Tubing
  • Methods Development of Link management
  • Workshop- / Schulungsunterlagenerstellung
  • CAD / PLM Process Analysis
  • System Administration CATIA V5
  • concepts for workshops / training

Consulting - V5designConsulting GoTo Top

21 Jun

Our Services

Our services.

Which freelance services do we offer?

You don t find something? Ask here!!

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Freelance Engineering services,

Customer located + Home Office

Consulting Catia V5 / PLM

  • Design Methodology Catia V5 / PLM
  • methodological workshops
  • blueprint of courses / Workshops
  • Analysis, Consulting and Troubleshooting all around Catia V5
  • Roll-Out Coaching
  • introduction of Catia V5 and PDM as coach
  • Coupling/ coordination CAD / PLM
  • Process management development
  • Systemadministration
  • VBA – Programming

Catia V5 Design / DMU

  • design of Styling surfaces
  • Package DMU Navigator, Kinematics, Fitting
  • Part Design , surfaces, Assembly, Kinematik, DMU, Sheet Metal
  • parametrized chassis components (cast/forged/sheet metal)
  • Sheetmetal parts
  •  3D-Routing with Tubing + EHI

Development Know-How

  • Process selection and valuation
  • enhanced knowledge of technology of plastics
  • Cast design
  • design of sheet metal parts
  • stamping parts
  • Presentation skills
  • Interface Design-Production
  • FMEA, SE-Team-/Package experience
  • Experience in international projects

Training Catia V5 and PDM

  • Basic courses and in-depth courses
  • Sheetmetal
  • surface design (advanced)
  • EHI + Tubing
  • DMU Fitting
  • DMU Kinematics
  • PDM-Courses
  • DMU-Navigator
  • Other courses by arrangement

Catia V4Design / DMU

  • design of solid components
  • Kinematics
  • surface models
  • Concept work
  • DMU with 4 D Navigator

Resident engineer OEM

Design with Solidworks

  • Concept creation with CATIA V5
  • DMU-Collision checks, Package
  • Consulting  CAD Methodology
  • Data Exchange und -preparation
  • SE-Team / Intensivteam / bilateral meetings
  • Information Tracking
  • Supplier coordination
  •  Mastering of all OEM- Tools
  • Technical Coordination of design project
  • Presentation of develpment issues

Project management

Design with Siemens NX

  •  Surfaces
  • design of solid components
  •  Sheetmetal
  •  Kinematics

Technical Documentation with CATIA Composer (former 3DVIA COMPOSER)

  • conception of courses for 3DVIA Composer
  • manuals
  • Creation of Product animations
  • Interactive Animations


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21 Jun

Design & Development, Freelance CAD Services

Design V5 DesignDesign & Development



Which CAD design services do we offer?


We offer design and development services performed with the following CAD – systems:


  • CATIA V5
  • Siemens NX PLM
  • CATIA V4
  • Solidworksv5design
  • CATIA Composer (former 3DVIA Composer)

The specific software skills you can find here!

If you want to see our complete range of services, please click here!


A selection of our existing expertise in this area can be found here:

Experience in Mechanical Design

  • Project leader for lower-body protection Jetta A4 platform
  • Development and design of vehicle components of plastics and sheetmetal, cast and forged components
  • In-depth knowledge of plastics technology
  • Excellent CATIA skills and mastering of all necessary tools and methods (FMEA, presentations, Office)
  • Expert knowledge of CATIA  V4 / V5
  • Interieur components (I-panel AUDI Q5)

DMU experience / Package

  • Package projects engine, chassis, hood, roof
  • Tools: DMU Navigator (Catia V5), kinematics, fitting
  • 4D Navigator (Catia V4)
  • Total vehicle package

Resident Engineer / OEM experience

  • Over 7 years of experience in representation of suppliers to OEM customers
  • Project management for vehicle components
  • FMEA knowledge
  • BMW tools and methods

Production experience

  •  Coordinator in new JIT plant in Mexico for production start-up, independent logistics management for pre-series
  • Launch-Support AUDI Q5 I-Tafel in Puebla Mexiko



21 Jun

Project history V5Design

Our Project history.

Which Projects have we already finalized?

  • Please use mouse wheel to scroll / navigate !

Branch manager design office

  today- August 2017
  • Launch of new office for Automotive design in Puebla/Mexico
  • IT infrastructure planning and set-up
  • Recruitment and training for 17 CATIA V5 Designers and 6 Lead-designers
  • Project manager for complete Update of SUV (VW416 PA)   – aprox.  200 exterior and interior components
  • Vehicle Project manager for design introduction of VW TAREK to North America  (VW316_5)   – approx.  150 exterior and interior components
  • Sales and strategic marketing
  •  Legal issues related to opening of  a new branch in Mexico

Senior Product Engineer

  SMP Ingolstadt  / Puebla/Mexico
  May 2017- July 2015
  • Technical Change management Ablagen Audi Q5
  • Technical development at OEM site
  • Coordination Toolmaker China
  • Coordination Tool transfer China-Germany-Mexico
  • Launch Support in Puebla Mexico

Freelance Consulting CATIA V5 EHI + VW VOBES+

  MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Munich
  Juli 2015- Jan 2014
  • Project leader: Introduction 3D Harness Routing EHI+ELB and Process consulting  VOBES+
  • Creation of methods for EHI , Workshop creation
  • VBA Programming Electrical component library

Freelance Consulting + System administration CATIA V5

  AWTCE, Munich
  today  – May 2010
  • System administration CATIA V5
  • Evaluation + Benchmark of appropriate PDM – Systems
  • Implementation Smarteam + Training
  • Introduction CATIA V5 R24
  • Administration OEM-Environment (VW GRCLite)
  • VBA Programming

Freelance Mechanical designer for seats

  Faurecia, Munich
 Sept 2013-Juli 2013
  • Design of plastic covers Front seats (CATIA V5)
  • Optimization of plastic parts (elimination of mold and draft problems)
  • Kinematics-DMU , Concepts for 2. seat row

Freelance Coach CATIA V5 – Cabin

  MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Munich
  June 2013 – Sept 2012
  • Creation of ENOVIA LCA-Workshops and CATIA V5 Tubing
  • Evaluation MAN-methodological processes
  • Coach CATIA V5 Cabin

Freelance Mechanical Designer Front flap unit                       

  BMW, Munich
Sept 2012  -July 2012  
  • Design Front flap unit
  • Fastening concept and kinematic concepts for Front flap unit

Freelance Coach CATIA V5 – Cabin

  MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Munich
  June 2012  – April 2010
  • Creation of ENOVIA LCA-Workshops and CATIA V5 Tubing
  • Evaluation MAN-methodological processes
  • Coach CATIA V5 Cabin

Freelance Trainer CATIA V5 / Introduction at OEM Truck

  MAN MDT Vision / IBM
 June 2009 – Nov. 2008
  • Trainer / Coach CATIA V5 Sheetmetal, DMU + Kinematics, ENOVIA LCA
  • Coaching / Methods creation for Motor development

Freelance Resident Engineer CAD / DMU Chassis

  Fa. ZF / BMW AG, Munich
 Nov. 2008 – May 2006
  • Resident engineer at BMW Design Center(CATIA V5): Data Exchange / Releases , Package meetings, SE-Team participation; Concepts
  • Conceptual work , CAD electrical harness routing,
  • Package , clearance control of moving chassis components (CATIA V5)

 Freelance Designer Chassis

  BMW AG, Munich
 April 2006 – Jan. 2006
  • Creation of kinematic models Front/Rear axle CATIA V4 and V5
  • Kinematic layout of level sensors
  • Design of sheetmetal supports; Calculation of tyre envelopes
  • with Software Tyre-Clear, Package of Swivel bearing PL6 with 4 derivatives
  • Trainer for 6 Package engineers:  CATIA V5 im Packagebereich

Freelance Concept Engineer Total vehicle

  BMW AG, Munich
 Feb. 2006 – Sept. 2005
  • Concepts / Package Rear end E89 (new Z4)
  • Kinematic studies for soft top (CATIA V5), Package meetings
  • Concepts for separating wall (bulkhead), Coordination of Package meetings;Concepts for Package issues

Freelance Resident engineer OEM CAD / DMU Package

   Benteler AG / BMW, Munich
 Aug. 2005 – Nov. 2003
  • Master Package Module Front axle (CATIA V5)
  • Clearance approval of chassis (CATIA V5 DMU Kinematics)
  • Design/Concepts for casted/forged chassis components, Fitting studies , Coordination of suppliers and participation in Package meetings

Freelance Resident Engineer: Integration of automatic transmission in Mini

  BMW AG, Munich
 Nov. 2003 – April 2003
  • Package of AISIN automatic transmission MINI with 4DNavigator and DMU Navigator CATIA V5; arrangement with package department of BMW
  • Analysis / modification of motor components ( CATIA V4)

Freelance Trainer/ Mechanical Designer

  MT Technologies AG, Munich
 March 2003 – May 2002
  • Introduction of CATIA V5, basic and methodical training
  • Evaluation of workbench Mold Tooling design (CATIA V5),
  • Creation of adaptable Powercopies for automated design of side panel retainers
  • Concept and Design of components cockpit panel BMW E81 (CATIA 4.2.2, glove case, center console, air ducts)

Freelance Mechanical Designer

  Kärcher GmbH, Winnenden
  April 2002 – March  2002
  • Freelance Design of a multifunctional housing for an industrialhigh pressure cleaner (low pressure injection molding)

Freelance CATIA V5 Trainer

  Systemdesign GmbH, Leonberg
 March 2002 – Jan. 2002
  • Freelance CATIA V5 Trainer,
  •  Design of Frontend MB C219 (E-Class Coupe), Introduction in Icemsurf
  • Freelance Designer , Car Body department VW de Mexico

  VW de Mexico, Puebla, Mexico
 Dec. 2001 – Oct. 1999
  • Responsiblity: Development of Exterieur New Beetle Sport (CATIA 4.2.2): Front- and rear end, grille, wheel arch cover with ventilation grille, license plate support front and rear, div. cover (PP), Spoiler rear (integral foam), div. sheet metal supports, trim parts, Concept studies
  • Coordinator for Project Drive over protection for A4 -Platform (Jetta , Gulf A4):
  • Project management regarding costs, schedule, variants and technical changes
  • Design and Package, Design FMEA (professional supervision of four Designers)
  • Training of CAD-Designers  CATIA V4 (Adv. Surfaces, Solids, Kinematics)

Designer Door modules

  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & CoKG, Coburg
 Nov. 1999 – Feb. 1999
  • Design of door modules for Porsche/VW-Project Cayenne/ Colorado

Coordinator of production planning in new JIT-plant

  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & CoKG, Mexico, Puebla
 Jan 1999 – May 1998
  • Coordinator of production planning in new JIT-plant (supervision of 4 persons)
  • Certification ISO 9001 and Production-FMEA
  • Optimization and preparation of production line for serial start

Developer in design- and sales-team for door modules (customer Volkswagen AG)

  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & CoKG, Bamberg
April 1998 – Dec. 1996
  • Detail design of vehicle components (CATIA 4.1.9)
  • Preparation and evaluation of new production technology for sealings of wet-/dry zones
  • Management of pre-serial logistics- and production of door module Gulf A4 (supervision of 15 workers)
  • Creation of MS-Access application for documentation of product life cycle

Trainee Development & Design

  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH& CoKG, Bamberg
Nov. 1996 – Nov. 1995
  • Introduction of departments Design, production planning, logistics, at various sites

21 Jun


Our qualifications: Diplome , Languages.

Here you will find in detail which education we have to offer.


Our foundation to master projects for you.

With a diplome degree manufacturing technology , language proficient English and Spanish we are able to finalize tasks even in international teams.


Qualifications master degree manufacturing technology

Master degree

Master degree  Dipl.- Ing. Univ. manufacturing technology
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
(Nov. 1988 – July 1 996)
Abschluss : 2.1
Diplome thesis : Process evaluation of Laser beam drilling of  clock works (Note 1.3)
Specialisation in: I     Mechanical Design theory
II    Plastics technology



Qualifications International

International work practice

 Feb 2016 – Feb2017  Senior Product Engineer Glove boxes AUDI Q5  Puebla/Mexico
Dec 1999 – Dec 2001 Freelancer VW Mexiko Puebla / Mexico
May 1998 – Jan 1999 Start of Productiob/JIT Plant Start Puebla / Mexico
Jun 1994 – Oct 1994 practical course at BICC Newcastle/UK


Qualifikationen Sprachen

Language knowledge:

  • German
Native speaker
  • English
Language proficient
  • Spanish
Language proficient

Our Software – Qualifications are available Here !

21 Jun

Skills CAx / PDM + Tools

Our backbone: Software skills .

Here are details on the tools or workbenches we master.


See our complete skills listed or ordered by group below.

  • Please click on the icon to see the software manufacturer site.


CATIA SkillsSkills Catia V5 >>

  • complex parametric CAD application, accompanies the complete process chain.
  • Standard CAD for german Automotive branch.

Our main focus is CATIA V5:

focal points we offer  :

  • parametric design (Plastic parts, Cast and forged parts, Sheetmetal
  • DMU Kinematics
  • EHI + Tubing
  • Special workbenches like DMU FITTING + Navigator, Sheetmetal,
  • CATIA V5 Administration






Catia V4Skills Catia V4 >>

The “dinosaur” of Dassault Systemes, since 1993, is being replaced widely by Catia V5.

focal points we offer  :

  • Solid and surface design (hybride design)
  • Kinematics





Siemens NX

Bildergebnis für siemens nxSkills Siemens NX >>

  • Equivalent to V5, formerly UGS, now Siemens PLM, widely used in USA.


  • substituted recently at DAIMLER  CATIA V5 and gets therefore more attention in Germany.






Skills Solidworks >>

Mid-range CAD system based on Parasolid, Dassault Systemes


3D VIA Composer


  • Tool for Technical product animation and illustration, marketing presentations, manuals
  • had been integrated recently in the CATIA V5 product series under the brand “CATIA V5 Composer”.





PLM / PDM -Systems

PLM / PDM SystemeSkills PLM / PDM -Systems>>

used by various OEM’s

Our expertise

  • Implementation of Smarteam , Training
  • Creation of Methodology , Workshops + Trainings von ENOVIA LCA
  • User knowledge VPM, PRISMA (BMW), KVS (VW), Smarteam …


21 Jun

Skills V5design – Overview of our Software skills

Our backbone: software skills.

See our skills listed on one single sheet.



  • A Click on the icon leads to the software home site .

CAD Knowledge

Catia V5 (>20.000 h)



  • Part Design
  • Surfaces (GSD)
  • Assembly Design
  • Drafting
  •  System administration
  • CATVBA- Makro programming
  •  Navigator
  • Space Analysis
  • Fitting
  • Kinematik
  • Sheetmetal
  • Tubing / Piping
  • Digitized Shape Editor ( Reverse Engineering)
  • EHI (Electrical Harness Assembly)
Konstruktionsbegleitende FEM
  • FEM : GPS / GAS

Catia 4.2.2 (10.000 h)

Advanced Surfaces, 4D Navigator, Solids, Drafting


  • Part Design
  • Surfaces+Drafting
  • Assembly Design
  • Sheetmetal

Siemens NX10

  • Part Design
  • Surfaces+Drafting
Siemens nx
  • Assembly Design
  • Sheetmetal

OFFICE – Software

MS-Office, MS-Access, MS Project; Adobe Acrobat, MindMap, Visio

Web – Software/ Praesentations

Praesentation:     Powerpoint
E-Learning :       Adobe Captivate, , Techsmith Camtasia Studio
Website/ Framework :     WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver


CATIA Composer skills Composer Adobe Acrobat PRO Extended

FMEA – Software



  • VPM (Dassault Systemes)
  •  Siemens Teamcenter
  • ENOVIA LCA (Dassault Systems)
  • Smarteam (Dassault Systemes)
  • KVS (Volkswagen AG)


21 Jun

CAD Training – Customized for your needs

Training Catia V4 / V5 PLMCAD Training. Our offer



What do we offer ?

We offer CAD Training and coaching activities for Catia V4 / V5, as well as PLM / CAD.

What can we do for you in CAD training (CAx / PLM ) ?

We integrate our Know-How and Innovations in CAD Training with CATIA V5your training project .


  • OUr team conceptualizes and offer workshops and training in Catia V4 / V5.



  • We generate custom training courses to meet your needs.
  • You have the possibility to create your own concept of yourself by not choose from our training program.
  •  The course levels range from basic training to methodological workshops and expert courses.
  •  We create custom training courses to meet your needs. You have the option to create your own concept or to choose from our training program.\



Our previous expertise in this area can be found here:

Trainer CATIA V4 / V5  +  PLM /PDM

  •   basic training
  • special courses Kinematics, DMU and Sheet Metal
  • Special workshops EHI (3D-Routing) and TUBING
  •   Coaching engine design methodology
  • PDM:  ENOVIA LCA training, SMARTEAM Training
  • Training of Catia V5  Methods
  •   Introduction of Catia V5 as coach
  •   Coach cabin truck und engine design trucks

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