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Our Project history.

Which Projects have we already finalized?

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Branch manager design office

  today- August 2017
  • Launch of new office for Automotive design in Puebla/Mexico
  • IT infrastructure planning and set-up
  • Recruitment and training for 17 CATIA V5 Designers and 6 Lead-designers
  • Project manager for complete Update of SUV (VW416 PA)   – aprox.  200 exterior and interior components
  • Vehicle Project manager for design introduction of VW TAREK to North America  (VW316_5)   – approx.  150 exterior and interior components
  • Sales and strategic marketing
  •  Legal issues related to opening of  a new branch in Mexico

Senior Product Engineer

  SMP Ingolstadt  / Puebla/Mexico
  May 2017- July 2015
  • Technical Change management Ablagen Audi Q5
  • Technical development at OEM site
  • Coordination Toolmaker China
  • Coordination Tool transfer China-Germany-Mexico
  • Launch Support in Puebla Mexico

Freelance Consulting CATIA V5 EHI + VW VOBES+

  MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Munich
  Juli 2015- Jan 2014
  • Project leader: Introduction 3D Harness Routing EHI+ELB and Process consulting  VOBES+
  • Creation of methods for EHI , Workshop creation
  • VBA Programming Electrical component library

Freelance Consulting + System administration CATIA V5

  AWTCE, Munich
  today  – May 2010
  • System administration CATIA V5
  • Evaluation + Benchmark of appropriate PDM – Systems
  • Implementation Smarteam + Training
  • Introduction CATIA V5 R24
  • Administration OEM-Environment (VW GRCLite)
  • VBA Programming

Freelance Mechanical designer for seats

  Faurecia, Munich
 Sept 2013-Juli 2013
  • Design of plastic covers Front seats (CATIA V5)
  • Optimization of plastic parts (elimination of mold and draft problems)
  • Kinematics-DMU , Concepts for 2. seat row

Freelance Coach CATIA V5 – Cabin

  MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Munich
  June 2013 – Sept 2012
  • Creation of ENOVIA LCA-Workshops and CATIA V5 Tubing
  • Evaluation MAN-methodological processes
  • Coach CATIA V5 Cabin

Freelance Mechanical Designer Front flap unit                       

  BMW, Munich
Sept 2012  -July 2012  
  • Design Front flap unit
  • Fastening concept and kinematic concepts for Front flap unit

Freelance Coach CATIA V5 – Cabin

  MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Munich
  June 2012  – April 2010
  • Creation of ENOVIA LCA-Workshops and CATIA V5 Tubing
  • Evaluation MAN-methodological processes
  • Coach CATIA V5 Cabin

Freelance Trainer CATIA V5 / Introduction at OEM Truck

  MAN MDT Vision / IBM
 June 2009 – Nov. 2008
  • Trainer / Coach CATIA V5 Sheetmetal, DMU + Kinematics, ENOVIA LCA
  • Coaching / Methods creation for Motor development

Freelance Resident Engineer CAD / DMU Chassis

  Fa. ZF / BMW AG, Munich
 Nov. 2008 – May 2006
  • Resident engineer at BMW Design Center(CATIA V5): Data Exchange / Releases , Package meetings, SE-Team participation; Concepts
  • Conceptual work , CAD electrical harness routing,
  • Package , clearance control of moving chassis components (CATIA V5)

 Freelance Designer Chassis

  BMW AG, Munich
 April 2006 – Jan. 2006
  • Creation of kinematic models Front/Rear axle CATIA V4 and V5
  • Kinematic layout of level sensors
  • Design of sheetmetal supports; Calculation of tyre envelopes
  • with Software Tyre-Clear, Package of Swivel bearing PL6 with 4 derivatives
  • Trainer for 6 Package engineers:  CATIA V5 im Packagebereich

Freelance Concept Engineer Total vehicle

  BMW AG, Munich
 Feb. 2006 – Sept. 2005
  • Concepts / Package Rear end E89 (new Z4)
  • Kinematic studies for soft top (CATIA V5), Package meetings
  • Concepts for separating wall (bulkhead), Coordination of Package meetings;Concepts for Package issues

Freelance Resident engineer OEM CAD / DMU Package

   Benteler AG / BMW, Munich
 Aug. 2005 – Nov. 2003
  • Master Package Module Front axle (CATIA V5)
  • Clearance approval of chassis (CATIA V5 DMU Kinematics)
  • Design/Concepts for casted/forged chassis components, Fitting studies , Coordination of suppliers and participation in Package meetings

Freelance Resident Engineer: Integration of automatic transmission in Mini

  BMW AG, Munich
 Nov. 2003 – April 2003
  • Package of AISIN automatic transmission MINI with 4DNavigator and DMU Navigator CATIA V5; arrangement with package department of BMW
  • Analysis / modification of motor components ( CATIA V4)

Freelance Trainer/ Mechanical Designer

  MT Technologies AG, Munich
 March 2003 – May 2002
  • Introduction of CATIA V5, basic and methodical training
  • Evaluation of workbench Mold Tooling design (CATIA V5),
  • Creation of adaptable Powercopies for automated design of side panel retainers
  • Concept and Design of components cockpit panel BMW E81 (CATIA 4.2.2, glove case, center console, air ducts)

Freelance Mechanical Designer

  Kärcher GmbH, Winnenden
  April 2002 – March  2002
  • Freelance Design of a multifunctional housing for an industrialhigh pressure cleaner (low pressure injection molding)

Freelance CATIA V5 Trainer

  Systemdesign GmbH, Leonberg
 March 2002 – Jan. 2002
  • Freelance CATIA V5 Trainer,
  •  Design of Frontend MB C219 (E-Class Coupe), Introduction in Icemsurf
  • Freelance Designer , Car Body department VW de Mexico

  VW de Mexico, Puebla, Mexico
 Dec. 2001 – Oct. 1999
  • Responsiblity: Development of Exterieur New Beetle Sport (CATIA 4.2.2): Front- and rear end, grille, wheel arch cover with ventilation grille, license plate support front and rear, div. cover (PP), Spoiler rear (integral foam), div. sheet metal supports, trim parts, Concept studies
  • Coordinator for Project Drive over protection for A4 -Platform (Jetta , Gulf A4):
  • Project management regarding costs, schedule, variants and technical changes
  • Design and Package, Design FMEA (professional supervision of four Designers)
  • Training of CAD-Designers  CATIA V4 (Adv. Surfaces, Solids, Kinematics)

Designer Door modules

  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & CoKG, Coburg
 Nov. 1999 – Feb. 1999
  • Design of door modules for Porsche/VW-Project Cayenne/ Colorado

Coordinator of production planning in new JIT-plant

  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & CoKG, Mexico, Puebla
 Jan 1999 – May 1998
  • Coordinator of production planning in new JIT-plant (supervision of 4 persons)
  • Certification ISO 9001 and Production-FMEA
  • Optimization and preparation of production line for serial start

Developer in design- and sales-team for door modules (customer Volkswagen AG)

  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & CoKG, Bamberg
April 1998 – Dec. 1996
  • Detail design of vehicle components (CATIA 4.1.9)
  • Preparation and evaluation of new production technology for sealings of wet-/dry zones
  • Management of pre-serial logistics- and production of door module Gulf A4 (supervision of 15 workers)
  • Creation of MS-Access application for documentation of product life cycle

Trainee Development & Design

  Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH& CoKG, Bamberg
Nov. 1996 – Nov. 1995
  • Introduction of departments Design, production planning, logistics, at various sites